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Why Mediation

  • Empowering – The clients, not judges or mediators, make important decisions about their own lives; only you know what makes sense for your specific situation. You always know what is happening because you are there.
  • Efficient & Cost-effective – Time and money are spent directly solving problems versus threatening one another, replying to court documents, or waiting in court
  • Protective of Children – Parents who mediate tend to experience much less conflict after the divorce than those who go to court, and fathers who mediate tend to spend more time with the children and have better relationships with them after the divorce than those who go to court. Parental conflict post-divorce and a poor relationship with the non-custodial parent are the two major predictors of negative effects on the children after a divorce.
  • Low Risks/High Gains - No one gives up any rights to go to court if they don’t reach agreement, and given the advantages of mediation over litigation, it is generally worth trying mediation before litigation.
  • Educational – Mediators who are trained as child specialists or divorce coaches can help couples learn about the best interest of their children or how to communicate more effectively, if desired
  • Effective with Emotional Issues – Mediators trained as psychotherapists are especially skilled at helping clients address difficult emotional issues that clients may wish to address before moving forward or that may derail the mediation process

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