Collaborative Divorce (Collaborative Practice)

If you are interested in having attorneys fully involved in the divorce or separation process, Collaborative Practice, a collaborative approach to divorcing, may be right for you.  


What is Collaborative Practice

Collaborative practice is a cooperative, voluntary process to resolve family disputes without going to court that protects the children from divorce, and also protects valued family relationships. With the help of professionals in various discipline, clients work together respectfully and collaboratively to reach sensible agreements about the children, finances, and any other issues that work for everyone.


My Role in Collaborative Practice 

As a member of the New York Association for Collaborative Practice, I provide support as a Child Specialist, Individual Coach, and Neutral Coach to clients who wish to have attorneys fully involved in the divorce process.


Child Specialist:  Protecting Children from Divorce. As a child specialist and former Adjunct Professor in Child Development, I guide separating parents in communicating and co-parenting more effectively in order to protect the children from the emotional impact of the transition. Because of my extensive background in Child Development, I am especially well equipped to help you devise a sensible parenting plan that is tailored to the developmental and special needs of your children. 
Divorce Coach: Guidance through Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce. As an individual coach, I can help you prepare for divorce mediation or collaborative meetings emotionally so that you can express your needs in a way that will be valued and heard. As a neutral coach for the team, I can help both of you prepare for collaborative meetings emotionally and also keep the process moving forward efficiently and respectfully, including diffusing difficult emotions that may arise during meetings.


Personal Commitment
Regardless of my role, my personal commitment to you is the same: 
  • To help you reach a sensible agreement efficiently, respectfully, and compassionately that works for all
  • To help you form an effective co-parenting alliance that protects your children
  • To help you communicate more effectively so that everyone can be heard, feel understood, and have more positive interactions going forward 


"Providing compassionate & skillful divorce mediation and protecting children from divorce in New York City and Westchester"

"Holistic individual, couples, family, and individual psychotherapy, specializing in eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and relationship issues."
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