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What Makes Us Unique:  Why Choose Stein Family & Mediation Center?


Psychotherapy is a personal exploration in living. Every person’s life is a unique and complex kaleidoscope of life experience, genetic inheritance, patterns of living and wellness, and styles of thinking and emotional responding that all interact together. Some of these may be apparent; many are not. To create meaningful and lasting change, psychotherapy must explore all of these aspects in an integrated fashion.
As a holistic psychotherapist trained in public health, psychology, clinical social work, and Buddhism, I am committed to helping you explore the less apparent ways in which the unique pieces of your kaleidoscope interact together in ways that are problematic for you. Using principles of Buddhism, CBT, DBT, wellness, and the psychodynamic approach, I will help you take the steps to examine these aspects compassionately and non-judgmentally, allowing you to break the cycle of self-destructive emotions, thoughts, and behaviors so that you can stay present with “what is” and make conscious decisions about how you truly want to live your life.
As a Family Mediator, Child Specialist, & Divorce Coach
Separation and divorce can be a time of great emotional, financial, and personal turmoil for individuals and families. During this challenging time, you need a professional who can help you successfully navigate all waters—legal, financial, and emotional.  Like many mediators, I am well versed in matrimonial law, and have a keen affinity for finance; unlike most mediators, I also have a unique set of interdisciplinary skills and expertise as a psychotherapist, child specialist, and divorce coach, which I can draw upon in the session regardless of my specific role. 
When mediations fail, it is often because of emotional, not legal or financial issues. Because of my experience as a psychotherapist and divorce coach, I can help both of you manage difficult emotional dynamics that may emerge and resolve critical emotional issues that may arise.  This can allowing your mediation to move forward and resolve successfully when it might otherwise break down.  
If you have children, because I am also a child specialist and former Professor of Child Development, I can share, if desired, what is in the best interests of your children, which you may wish to consider as you design your parenting plan.  I can also help both of you learn to communicate more effectively as co-parents going forward to minimize the negative emotional effects of the transition on your children.

I come with a unique combination of expertise and skill in mediation, child development, divorce coaching, and psychotherapy, which together can help you best navigate all waters facing you.  By drawing on principles of Buddhism, such as creating a sense of equanimity in the room, along with kindness and compassion, I can help you both be less emotionally reactive to one another and more able to articulate what is important to you and why. Once you are able to hear one another and feel understood, you are both likely to develop a greater sense of sensitivity for each other's circumstances, allowing you both to move forward with less difficulty.


As an Elder Mediator

Family disputes involving family members, especially elders can be heart-wrenching.  On top of deeply-entrenched, complicated family-of-origin dynamics that are present within all families, family members are often faced with resolving urgent and complex residential, medical, or financial issues at a time when emotions are at their highest.  These decisions often involve trying to balance the competing values of safety and autonomy for an elder, complicated by the fact that family members may have different perspectives on what is considered safe and how much autonomy is appropriate in any given situation.  It is important to create a safe, inclusive environment so that all family members can share their concerns openly and respectfully with the goal of everyone feeling heard and understood.  If that environment can be created and maintained, the family can be guided toward finding a wise and often creative solution that works for all.


I am uniquely prepared as a family and elder mediator.  In addition to being an experienced mediator and psychotherapist specially trained in Elder Mediation, I have a Ph.D. in Public Health and have taught courses in Aging, Lifespan Developmental Psychology, and Death & Dying for years at the university level.   Together, these have given me expertise in the medical and psychological needs of elders, which is essential to successful elder mediation.


I understand how emotionally challenging these issues can be for everyone, and I am committed to helping your family make the best decision possible that upholds the highest level of autonomy possible for your elder without sacrificing safety.  


"Providing compassionate & skillful divorce mediation and protecting children from divorce in New York City and Westchester"

"Holistic individual, couples, family, and individual psychotherapy, specializing in eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and relationship issues."
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