Divorce Mediation in New York and Westchester

As a divorce mediator in New York and Westchester, I create a safe, respectful environment that allows clients to speak freely and feel understood with compassion so that they can craft a sensible agreement cost-effectively that will works for both of them—and especially the children.


What is Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary conversation between two or more people with a neutral facilitator for the purpose of creating understanding and reaching agreement when there are differing points of view. 

What is the Divorce Mediation Process

  • Unbiased – The divorce mediator is neutral and does not make decisions, tell clients what to do, or side with anyone 


  • Confidential – Discussions, documents, and behavior during divorce mediation sessions cannot be shared in court. This allows everyone to brainstorm freely and discuss creative options that might otherwise not be considered.


  • Transparent – In divorce mediation, all information is disclosed fully, freely, and honestly, with documentation for financial information, if requested.


  • In the Shadow of the Law – If requested, a divorce mediator may share the range of outcomes that may occur in court as an anchor, but clients are free to make their own decisions


  • Goal-oriented – The purpose of divorce mediation is to help clients reach an written agreement that works for all, help parents develop a sensible co-parenting plan tailored to the children’s needs and learn to co-parent effectively, and help clients communicate more effectively going forward.


  • Respectful – In divorce mediation, process goals are established and honored to ensure that clients speak and behave respectfully toward one another, removing hostility from the process so that people can focus on solving problems.


  • Not Binding Until Signed – Agreements made in divorce mediation are not binding until legal documents are signed. Clients can change their minds at any time, which removes the risk of feeling pressured to agree prematurely. Once a legal agreement is signed, it is legally enforceable, and once it is filed with the Court, it is the same as a judge’s court order.


  • Welcoming to Attorneys – In divorce mediation, articipants are encouraged to retain consulting attorneys and are free to consult with them at any time.
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